5 Best IP Address Grabbers of 2024 FREE

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An IP address grabber allows you to collect information about any internet IP address. IP Address Grabbers will enable you to click on a link and collect an IP address. These tools are used for logging in and collect statistics about websites. Continue reading to learn more about the top IP address grabbers for 2022.

Your network and you are not at risk by using IP Address Grabbers. An IP address can’t be used to identify a specific person or place. An IP address grammar is safe. If someone does get your IP address, they may send you spam email or limit your access to certain services.

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List of Best IP Address Grabbers in 2024

We have discussed the top IP address grabbers you can use in this guide. We expect you to use these resources ethically and in a positive way. We will answer common questions regarding IP addresses and IP trackers before getting started.

1. Grabify


Grabify is the most well-known IP logger on our top list. It assists users in finding and trace the IP addresses of an individual through a simple process. With Grabify, you can cut a long link in half or share the link with a person else and then capture the IP address when the user clicks the link.

Using this IP address grabber allows you to access the user’s IP address data. It is created in a user-friendly manner. It gives you advanced and comprehensive statistical data for each click on the hyperlink.

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2. IP Logger

IP Logger

IP Logger is yet another send-link-get IP service you can test out. Like what you did in Grabify, you can put your URL in the IP Logger site.

In seconds, the website will provide you with the IP Logger shortened link for recording data. It also lets you download the datasheet in a matter of minutes.

When compared to Grabify, IP Logger offers many other options. In the first place, you can select one of the numerous URL types. In addition, you can switch between tabs to view the IP addresses that you have logged and the data view. You can also choose to export the IP addresses you’ve accumulated.

If you’re looking for the most advanced information and metrics derived from IP addresses, then IP Logger is the right place.

Exporting options come in handy when interested in data analytics or marketing. It’s also notable that you can view the most popular cities, countries, and browsers when looking through your IP address information.

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3. Bit.ly


Bit.ly is among the most influential IP address grabbers and URL shortening solutions. It was developed using advanced tools. However, it’s paid for to carry out a sophisticated analysis.

Bit.ly is the most suitable option for marketing that does not require more than the user’s IP address. The interface for the tool is extremely simple and easy to use for people of all ages. It has a built-in data export feature that lets you gain a deeper understanding.

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4. Blasze IP Logger

Blasze IP Logger

Blasze IP Logger is yet another simple IP address logger that you can test now. Although it doesn’t have any advanced features, it can do the job.

One of the issues in Blasze has to do with the fact that it doesn’t provide many options for customization.

So, if you’re seeking more security, it may be necessary to utilize an external URL shortening service such as Bit.ly. If you’re okay with this choice, Blasze is an excellent option. It is essential to ensure that the Blasze IP Logger can provide the data that you require.

Reliability may not be the top standard for Blasze IP Logger, however. Because of DDoS assaults, the site has a significant amount of downtime. Therefore, there may be instances when you cannot access the IP tool to log your IP. Blasze needs to be on this list if you put this problem off.

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5. ps3CFW.com IP Logger

ps3CFW.com IP Logger

It’s the final IP recording tool on our list. Like all the tools listed above have special functions, this one does not provide any. It only collects the user’s IP address, which is used to click the link.

ps3CFW.com lets you track IP addresses to be tracked very quickly. It uses top-of-the-line databases to give accurate location information, making it an ideal option. You can also reduce the length of your IP tracking link with this tool. This is not suggested from a security point viewpoint.

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These were the top IP Address Grabbers in 2022. The tools listed above can help you obtain precise information to satisfy your analytics requirements. For example, Grabify as well as IP Logger. These are the two most trusted tools to utilize, while the other tools are distinctive in their approach. Please let us know which one of the mentioned options you’ll use.