10 Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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Media of a private nature should be kept out of sight. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would agree with this remark, especially those who have to field a lot of discreet gunfire.

Despite improvements in recent iOS releases, I still do not believe that hiding albums in this fashion are the best method to keep your private images secure on an iPhone.

Since the secret album has no lock, anyone stumbling onto it will learn everything you’ve been attempting to keep a secret. But there’s no need to lose hope, as these Best photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad might help you.

Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

This article will examine some of the top Apple iPhone photo vault apps. Let’s look at these Photo Vault apps and see how to secure our images with a PIN or password.

1. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe covers all the bases to ensure your intimate photographs remain safe from prying eyes. The first and biggest feature is a password-protected app entrance that safeguards your personal album from prying eyes.

The app provides multiple options for protecting your personal photos, including a PIN lock and a pattern/dot lock, so you may pick the one that works best for you. In addition, it gives you a break-in report (picture + GPS) to help you identify the intruder trying to access your private images.

2. Secret Photo Vault

Have you ever heard of a safe that uses two-way encryption to protect your pictures? You’re in luck since that’s exactly what the top pick on our list of picture safes gives you access to. Keepsafe is a seamless photo vault for iPhones and iPad that protects your digital memories with a wide range of features.

The user interface is a pleasure to observe when scrolling because it is straightforward. The app’s main selling point is that you can safely and anonymously exchange large amounts of media, like photos and files, with others. I tried sending over a photo album and was amazed at how private it was.

3. GalleryVault

GalleryVault is one of the most excellent apps for iPhone that can hide folders, and it protects the contents of your iPhone library from prying eyes. It’s a flexible app that lets you lock images on your iPhone and gives you various security choices.

For instance, you can safeguard the hidden folders on your iPhone by using a pattern, passcode, or personal identification number (PIN). In addition, this vault app is available for free download and comes with a built-in private browser to ensure the safety of your travels on the internet.

4. Best Secret Folder

We were duped by the Best Secret Folder app’s icon, too. Our first impression was that it was unnecessary bloatware because it had the name “BestSF” and the appearance of a travel application. When we finally recognized our error, we unlocked the app with a pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint.

Snoop Stopper, which takes a picture when an incorrect passcode is entered, and the ability to force the app to close when the phone is upside down round out the list of features. You can email the passcode for safekeeping, but doing so will reveal that you are using the app, which is less than ideal.

5. Hide Photos Videos

If you want to keep your photographs and videos hidden, HiddenVault Secret Photo Album is an excellent tool. Aside from pictures and movies, it can also conceal Unlimited passwords, apps, online browsers, iCloud backups, and auto-filled passwords.

It also has an intuitive interface that makes organizing and viewing your media files in logical folders easy. I know what you’re thinking: is this top-notch photo vault app free to download, or do you have to pay for it? Unquestionably, it’s cost-zero. On the other hand, you’ll need a paid subscription to gain access to their premium offerings.

6. Secret Photo Album

Secret Photo Album is another feature-rich photo vault app that has attracted my eye. The app provides various options for locking private images, including a PIN and Face/Touch ID, to keep your data safe. That protection for your encrypted photos will remain in place forever. Plus, you can use a false PIN to cleverly conceal your belongings.

More than that, Secret Album conceals its contents even while the app is in the foreground of another window. By sending you warnings whenever someone breaks into your private album, complete with photographs of the invaders, you can easily track who is trying to access your most intimate photos.

7. Safe Lock

Safe Lock is a lot more than just another iPhone picture vault app. Not only can it keep your images and movies safe, but it can also manage and store any other sensitive information you want to keep under wraps.

Wi-Fi transmission, anti-theft break-in reports, slideshow watching, and a hidden camera (shh – it has a zoom option) are some of the wacky features available for Safe Lock, making it more than just a simple safe.

8. Locker: Photo Vault

Locker is among the best security apps available, and every iOS user needs to use it. What do you think? Locker allows you to safeguard your photographs, films, notes, applications, and other essential files.

To safeguard your data, you can configure a Password, Face ID, or Touch ID. You can also conceal apps with the free edition of Locker; however, the free version only allows you to hide a maximum of three apps.

9. SPV 

Safe Privacy Vault may be better if you seek a straightforward picture vault app that protects your photographs and videos. The app gives you total access to your secret pictures with the help of a Face/Touch ID unlock. You can make as many subfolders as you need to maintain your photographs in perfect sync.

The ability to cloak the app as a different app is also noteworthy since it can play a useful function in protecting your privacy. Safe Privacy Vault’s intruder alarm function sends you a timely alert and includes a photo of the invaders, so you’ll always know what’s going on if you want to use it.

10. My Photo Safe Pro

My Photo Safe Pro. This app is without peers in terms of keeping prying eyes away from your private media. This app makes it simple to keep your personal information secure and to capture images using the integrated camera.

The app has two logins, one for the actual world and one for the simulation. The app’s user interface is so straightforward and easy to understand that even kids can use it. The app’s FTP Client makes it simple to upload several images simultaneously.