10 Best Soccer / Football Games For Android and iOS (2024)

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One of the most widely followed sports in the world is European football, or soccer as it is called in the United States. Numerous leagues, each with hundreds of teams, host thousands of individuals. Honestly, it’s a phenomenon. Numerous football games app is available. But the mobile game aspect, like other sports, is subpar.

However, there are some truly remarkable examples. Football (soccer) games typically allow you to take the field with your favorite team or manage a virtual team. In this case, we have a pleasing mixture of the two. Here We listed top-rated football games for android and ios and you can also download these apps for free.

Best Soccer/Football Games For Android and iOS

Football’s global appeal means plenty of the best football games for android and iPhone (iOS). For today’s roundup, we’ve chosen the best free football games for android and ios users.

1. New Star Manager

The same developer behind New Star Soccer also created New Star Manager, another soccer game. We’ll be included in both because our team always improves and maintains them.

You get to experience New Star Soccer from the perspective of an individual player. You play as a 16-year-old who eventually becomes a soccer superstar.

This umbrella includes sponsor and relationship management, skill development, and more. By comparison, New Star Manager is a simulation of the GM mode.

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You play the general manager role, taking charge of all aspects of an organization, including personnel, infrastructure, and the like. Both are surprisingly good examples of the genre, and it’s up to you to decide what style of soccer game you’d like to play.

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2. eFootball 2023

Developed by Konami, this mobile soccer game is the greatest and most realistic of its kind. With its many impressive additions, it guarantees a one-of-a-kind gaming adventure.

It takes a deep look at soccer and is similar to console games. The gameplay and player actions are realistic. The newest version is accessible on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Even though EA’s FIFA Mobile was released first on mobile devices, this game has been able to eclipse it for quite some time.

The real-time gameplay, pinpoint passing, in-depth strategies, and organic player motions make for an experience that is both thrilling and ecstatic to the extreme. If you’re looking for a new football game to try out in 2023, eFootball 2023 is a good option.

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3. Dream League Soccer 2022

It’s one of the most downloaded and played mobile soccer games, and the First Touch Games studio makes it. You can cultivate a formidable squad starting from the game’s rookie “academy” level.

As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, you’ll be able to construct and improve your very own stadium, expanding or contracting its seating capacity as necessary.

Soccer jerseys can be designed from scratch or downloaded from the web. Being the manager and deciding to vote offers you greater power in the game.

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You may strengthen your team with in-game purchases like better equipment and formations and get a head start on the competition with pre-match training.

League and cup contests are exciting and addicting because winning clubs get recognition and valuable prizes.

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4. FIFA Football

When most people hear “FIFA,” they immediately think of soccer. EA Sports make it, so you know it has the greatest material of any similar game.

Because of its popularity, FIFA Mobile has become one of the most played online games ever. There are slews of players from about 550 teams, single-player campaign modes and online competitive leagues.

You have the option of playing solo or with companions, and you can do it from a wide variety of geographical locations, each with its own set of prizes.

You just need a working internet connection and a smartphone running either Android or iOS to play this game. You won’t want to stop as soon as you’ve experienced the thrill of playing.

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5. Perfect Kick

We are proud to present the world’s first sports simulator of football penalties, which features a multi-user option that enables users to compete against their friends located anywhere in the world.

What kind of surprises have the Gamegou Limited designers in store for us? Certainly, the hilarious characters and fashionable stadiums are what, first and foremost, impress with their stunning 3D visuals.

Your management skills are excellent, but you will now need to consider the angles and each and every point of your gate. Moving your finger across the screen can visibly alter the ball’s path or cause the goalkeeper to jump.

Three gameplay modes entirely distinct from one another were included in the game so players would have more options.

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For instance, you have the opportunity to compete in the Champions League Cup, earn the title of Superstar, and, of course, test your luck among players from all over the world in the competition.

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6. Soccer Manager 2022 – Football

A series of soccer simulation games developed by Soccer Manager Limited. You play the role of a team manager in this game and must guide your squad to victory.

The player takes on all the responsibilities of a real-world soccer manager. You will manage the team as a whole, including making trades, deciding on lineups, and devising strategies.

You may get a bird’s-eye view of your team’s performance from the sidelines thanks to the game’s 3D match broadcast feature. Because of this, the game has its own distinct flavor.

Your squad’s success or failure depends on your game plan and your decisions on the field. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can try out the new and improved Soccer Manager on either platform.

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7. Football Strike: Online Soccer

Similar to football, the game of striking puts you in the thick of the action. It involves competing against a human opponent in a penalty kickoff or timed target shooting.

It’s not quite as realistic as other soccer games, but it’s still fun. If you’re winning, you can play until your battery dies without worrying about losing any real money because each game costs a certain amount of in-game currency.

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When you win, you’ll receive a prize pack that looks like a gym bag and contains various items, such as new haircuts and balls with enhanced power and accuracy.

Football strike is a fun way to pass the time by taking penalties in a game of soccer. It may not sound entertaining, but you’ll have a good time!

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8. Champion of the Fields

If you’re seeking a substitute for the two most popular soccer games on the market, Champion of the Fields is your best bet. The game is both aesthetically pleasing and technically sound, allowing you to make the best possible decisions in any circumstance.

You’ll recognize a few players, but don’t anticipate FIFA-level glitz and glamour. In this sport, on-field performance is more important than off-field fashion. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to put together the strongest team.

Like any other sport, having superior players on your team increases your odds of scoring the game-winning goal in the top corner from an impossible angle. However, in the end, you won’t win if your thumbs don’t have the dexterity, so go to work!

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9. Soccer Cup 2022

Despite the game’s realistic visuals and player animations, Soccer Cup 2020 has several strange ball mechanics, such as the ball sometimes sticking like a magnet to players’ feet or the goalkeeper’s gloves.

All things considered, this game can be challenging to master. Although a comprehensive tutorial is available to help you out, the developers appear to be exploiting it to force you to view advertisements before you can play a real match, so be patient.

You’ll have to get used to facing Massi and Ronald and their respective store-brand teams instead of the real deal. It’s not that big of a deal because you stop seeing it quickly.

Unique to this game is the inclusion of difficulties, such as “The floor is lava”, which provides a new dimension to the classic sport of soccer. There will be much to do in 2020 during the FIFA World Cup!

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10. Head Football

The soccer game Head Football La Liga is the official competition for Spain’s La Liga. This is a cute and entertaining little arcade game.

In a one-on-one match, two players are competing against each other (or there may be one person competing against an AI).

It is in some ways similar to the game of pong but in a positive sense. It includes actual people as players, a collection and upgrade system, and various power-ups to assist the player in their quest.

The gameplay is quite straightforward. Another game that is good for passing the time quickly is presented here. It is also a freemium game, which was something we were expecting.

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