What Does JIC Mean, and How Do You Use It?

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The sound you make when you hiccup is not a “JIC.” It’s a handy online acronym to know in a variety of contexts. The meaning is as follows.

Just In Case

JIC is an acronym for “just in case.” It’s frequently employed when trying to impart knowledge or persuade someone to take an activity that might not be strictly required but would be helpful.

The route is blocked on 8th street, JIC. You’re traveling through there,” for instance. No one knows if you will need to know this, but if you happen to pass 8th Street on your way, you will be grateful you know.

It’s also a good way to ask for help or offer information you might need later on without committing to doing so immediately.

Sending someone a link to the latest episode of a show you both like and writing “JIC you didn’t know it came out” is one example. Whether the recipient was aware or not, they will still value the act.

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In case you missed it or ICYMI, it has much in common with JIC. Unlike ICYMI, which is limited to news and information, JIC can be used in various contexts.

Where JIC Comes From

A definition for JIC was first added to Urban Dictionary in May of 2005. Thus, it’s safe to assume this is a relatively new acronym.

Just in case is used so frequently that it merits an abbreviation of its own. The author is correct; this is an extremely frequent abbreviation in written work.

It’s common to come across JIC in one-on-one conversations with friends and family via messaging services like iMessage, WhatsApp, or Discord. Saying “JIC” to someone can be a cute approach to show you care about them and that you’re thinking about them.

Perhaps your daughter has texted you, “JIC” After we ran out of your favorite orange juice, I stopped to get more up on the way home.

JIC You Need It

It’s better to be safe than sorry, which means it’s possible that you won’t need the piece of information, action, or thing that you’re storing up for possible future use. Sometimes you have to sit down, assess the situation, and decide for yourself whether or not to proceed.

Suppose a friend advised you, “Make sure to stock up on supplies JIC. The winter gets very nasty.” Finally, it’s up to you to do something about it.

The same holds true for talking about recent events. You might say, “JIC, you didn’t know,” if you want to ensure that your friend knows about the deal at your favorite retailer. They may have heard of it before but may have forgotten it by now. On the other hand, it conveys concern for the recipient’s well-being.

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Where You See JIC

Internet video games are a popular venue for the use of JIC. Success in multiplayer online role-playing games, multiplayer strategy games, and competitive first-person shooters depends heavily on the player’s level of preparation.

Players must think ahead and avoid making careless errors that could cost them the game. So, you might hear, “Clear out this portion of the map JIC” or something similar from your colleagues. The implication is that you should act, even though it is unlikely to make a difference.

The educational setting is another popular place to find JIC in use. You should expect to see JIC occasionally used in student-to-student interactions in person and online.

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This is especially true if students aren’t sure what they should be learning or doing in a given course. Example: “Just study all of chapter 5 JIC something from it comes out” if test takers are unsure what material will be covered.

How to Use JIC

Just in case (JIC) can be used in place of just about any similar phrase in any context. Depending on your audience, you can either capitalize or lowercase JIC.

Some older folks may need the capitalization to understand that it’s an abbreviation, while younger people who are more familiar with Internet lingo may understand it just fine in lowercase.

Here are some instances where JIC proved useful:

  1. JIC you don’t know how to do it, here’s a link to the tutorial.”
  2. “I sent you over some food JIC you’re hungry.”
  3. “JIC, you were planning to take the train, it’s broken down at the moment.”