8 Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites 2024 – No Registration Required

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Sharing files is no longer limited to e-mails or zip files and has become a very old-fashioned concept. To this day, when we consider delivering files online to clients or coworkers, email is the first option that comes to mind! The fact that email has limited file sending capabilities in terms of file size and the quantity of files that may be sent simultaneously leaves the user feeling helpless.

Nonetheless, the entire concept of file sharing has been revolutionized by file-uploading services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as other small-scale sites that accept additional risks. However, it is not a good idea to trek down to a client’s location to hand over a pen drive with massive amounts of data.

While most online file-uploading services require you to sign up and create an account, a few websites let you effortlessly and anonymously transfer large files. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most anonymous, user-friendly, and cost-free online file-uploading services. So let’s have a glance.

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List of Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites

1. File Mail

Filemail is a simple, free-for-life web tool for anonymous file exchange. File mail can handle 5 GB files. The landing page’s upload function lets you browse and add files. You can optionally add a file description before sending it to your contacts.

The upload speed is good in its league, according to our tests. In minutes, you may upload and share files. File mail generates two shortcodes, one for downloading and one for removing the file (a feature not available in some of the other free file-sharing tools).

2. File.io

File.io is the ideal application for you if you want to share a group of photographs rather than just one at a time because it allows you to do so in bulk rather than sequentially. It is a free web tool that allows users to share files even if they have not registered for an account on the website.

The program allows users to drag and drop an entire photo collection at once, simplifying sharing photos with others. Free plans have a storage limit of 100 megabytes, and downloaded data are automatically destroyed after one use.

3. Firefox Send

Mozilla Firefox includes a built-in service for sending files called “Firefox Send.” You can transfer up to one gigabyte of data to any friend you want through a secure connection. There are just two restrictions placed on using the service.

Once your friend has downloaded the file, the link will become invalid after twenty-four hours, and Mozilla will delete it from their servers. However, the service is safe, quick, and encrypted, and it is recommended that you use it if you want to transmit a huge file to a buddy without compromising your privacy.

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4. File Dropper

File Dropper is a file hosting domain that lets you share files without registering. Upload your file, click the share link, and voilà! Copy the File Dropper link or embed code to share files for free.

This website offers an easy alternative to Google Drive, RapidShare, and Dropbox. We love that you can sign up for free and share files for free. You can download your uploaded files forever. Anonymous sharing allows uploads up to 5GB and has no countdown tickers. Anonymous uploads are removed if not downloaded in 30 days; paid accounts keep files permanently.

5. Opneload.co

An intuitive and uncomplicated user interface. Openload.co is one of the file-sharing websites that receive the highest traffic worldwide. Because advertisements support the service, there is no cost associated with using it. Ensure you don’t forget to enable the pop-up blocker on your browser.

6. We Transfer

We Transfer is an easy-to-use web service for anonymously sharing files for free. It’s free to use and offers a user-friendly file-sharing method without sign-up.

We Transfer provides anonymous, secure file sharing up to 2GB. This web service enables you to exchange files with anyone, anywhere, at any time. While sharing files is easy, you have complete control over the upload process.

Register and pay for their premium plan if you want additional storage space and features. This lets you upload 20GB files or tailor downloads and emails. You can password-protect confidential files for privacy and preserve them permanently unless you destroy them.

7. Zippyshare

Drag-and-drop or browsing and uploading files are straightforward. Zippyshare is another free file uploader that lets you share and store files online. It’s 100 percent free with no download limits up to 200MB per file, can be downloaded anywhere, and is very user-friendly, making it a popular file-sharing application.

Zippyshare offers limitless storage space and file sharing without registration. It also allows you to upload files in private mode if desired. The free version includes the old HTML uploader, but the new one requires registration.

All anonymously shared files are retained for 30 days, after which they are immediately removed.

8. Easy Upload

We love this uber-simple file-dropping tool. It couldn’t be more accessible when a homepage only asks you to dump files. Adding a file provides a shortcode you may share with coworkers or clients. As you drop files and the website refreshes, you acquire confidence in this new file-sharing web application.

Your online friends can download your added files in the meantime. Dropcanvas automatically shortens downloaded files to reduce their size. The tool’s editing option lets you add or remove files, not alter photos. Even without registration, you can upload unlimited files and keep them, but the file size is limited to 10 GB.