7 Best Auto Clickers For Mac For Mouse Automation in 2024

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Do you enjoy playing games on your Mac? If so, you’re not alone. An affirmative response means you can empathize with what someone else is going through. You may have to repeatedly press a button to perform a specific action in a game. Sometimes, clicking the same control over and over again might be tedious and monotonous.

A solution might be in the works for this problem. ‘Auto-clickers’ are the answer to the problem.

What are auto-clickers? 

Automated clickers are software that makes it possible to complete a task in less time than it would have taken if it were done manually.

They have been found to reduce your workload, can contain a wide variety of clickers, and are frequently utilized in conjunction with your computer’s software. Although some auto-clickers can be used for everyday tasks (to spare your hands from clicking), most of their benefits come from gaming.

In the list below, you’ll find a selection of some of the most useful auto clickers for Mac. Take a look at the different options today.

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Best Auto Clickers For Mac – Our Top Pick


Auto Clicker for Mac, on the other hand, does not offer a free alternative. Mac Auto Clicker, on the other hand, does.

This software provides an option for delay start, which allows you a bonus time to let you have your cursor adjusted at the proper spot before the clicking begins.

In addition, this software allows its customers to set a time limit for automated clicking if someone prefers it. As a result, we can state that Mac Auto Clicker will continue to click until the user actively stops it or the time restriction has expired.

Using Mac Auto Clicker, you can control the time that elapses between each next click and even between groups of clicks; however, millisecond counting is not required.

The software allows you to customize the speed of subsequent clicks in a way that is easy to understand by a wide range of users, ranging from Very Slow to Very Fast. The time gap can be set to an exact amount of seconds or milliseconds, whatever you like.

A double-click is also supported, along with left-clicking, right-click, and arrow keys. On giving a single click, Macintosh will process the function as click after click. On the other hand, a double click would indicate Mac performing a double click process each time.

Mac Auto Clicker works elementarily in macOS Yosemite and before. You needn’t be concerned even if your Mac does not fall within the following categories.

FileHorse shows you how Mac Auto Clicker can be supported on some of the newer versions of macOS, even if some more procedures need to be taken for the procedure.

Mac Auto Clicker is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), Mavericks (OS X 10.9), and Yosemite (OS X 10.10).

Using it on a Mac is a beautiful opportunity to discover and cultivate its many wonderful and fascinating features.


It’s one of many Mac auto-clickers produced by MurGaa, and it’s called Auto Clicker for Mac.

You can use it to get infinite clicks by just bringing the cursor to the desired location; the clicks stop only when you stop them yourself. It is a beneficial platform.

If you have a middle mouse button, you can use the Auto Clicker’s buttons to pause or restart the process. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to control the auto-clicker in the software in addition to these other options.

Mac assists you in calculating the delay in seconds and milliseconds between each of your clicks using auto-clickers.

It’s possible, for example, to click 60 times in a single second and 60 times in a half-second span of 60 seconds.

As a result of Auto Clicker for Mac, you can specify a maximum number of clicks you want to have, which works great for click-based games that shut down when you keep clicking for an extended period.

So, don’t forget to look at the game’s terms and conditions and get a sense of the click limit and other aspects at play. Then Auto Clicker for Mac would be a breeze to get your hands on.

The Auto clicker can also be set up so you can switch on or off the sound effects and set the number of clicks to your preference, for example, regular left-clicks or right-clicks.

You don’t have to worry because this software offers a free trial time so that you can see how effective it is. For $6.54, you can get a half-year subscription that will allow you to use it on a single Mac for the next six months.

If you need an auto-clicker, you may try this platform and see that the money you paid wasn’t wasted.

3. Mac Auto Mouse Click

Besides Auto Clicker for Mac, MurGaa’s Mac Auto Mouse Click is a must-have auto clicker. Another benefit of the latter is the ability to program pre-determined areas for your cursor to move to while also performing the auto-clicking function you require.

When it comes to uploading many files or documents digitally, this capability mentioned above comes in very handy because you must press the same button many times.

Auto Mouse Click comes to the rescue when you have a long list of things to accomplish and need someone else to click the buttons on your behalf.

Having no prior coding experience is by no means a hindrance. Using a hotkey, point Mac Auto Mouse Click to the spot you want to record the click, then select the type of click you want to make in the software. Then click OK.

Right, Left, Middle, Shift-Clicks, Double-Clicks, and some text-typing abilities are some of the features supplied by the software to its users.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts will let you navigate the program that will automate the various parts of the action.

The actions in Mac Auto Mouse Click can be scrolled up or down to meet your specific requirements, and you can even alter or delete activities as needed.

There are some minor drawbacks to this application, such as the fact that it might be difficult to utilize this app without repeatedly clicking on the same spot or clicking the screen randomly to keep your device from going into sleep mode.

There is a free trial period for Mac Auto Mouse Click and a membership charge of $9.87 for six months of use on only one Mac device once the trial period ends.

Even though Mac Auto Mouse Click charges a monthly fee, its automation features make it worth the money.

4. DwellClick

Auto-clickers are mainly utilized in PC gaming. But have you considered auto clickers for Mac to ease your clicking pain? If so, DwellClick may conclude your quest.

DwellClick reduces clicking-related hand pain. DwellClick’s use is straightforward.

First, launch the program you want to work on, set your cursor anyplace you like, and wait. The software will click for you, so you won’t need to strain your fingers.

The software does double-clicks, left-clicks, and right-clicks and drags after clicking. This functionality lets you drag files to folders without holding them down on the screen.

When DwellClick is activated, press the Fn key on your keyboard and select the type of click you desire from the pop-up box.

You can set your preferences from this drop-down list and turn on/off auto clicker features.

From DwellClick, you can get visual and audible evidence of clicks or drags.

This causes the software to malfunction. You can disable this feature if you don’t want it.

You can set a keyboard key to auto-click the mouse. This app lets you go hands-free if you’re using a head tracker or your mouse is broken.

After a free trial period, the software costs $9.99 from the Mac App Store.
DwellClick is an excellent alternative to reduce hand or mouse tension. You can try it and see if it works anytime.

5. iMouseTrick for Mac

An auto-clicker for your Mac, iMouseTrick is an essential and easy-to-use application. IMouseTrick can be used as many times and at your chosen speed. You can customize the frequency of the clicks and the time interval between each one if you prefer.

You can use iMouseTrick’s timer to keep an eye on your Mac when you’re playing games or doing other things that require your attention.

If you don’t know what numbers you’ll need, you can enter any number that comes to mind or use the adjustable scales to establish the maximum values.

Unfortunately, aside from these capabilities and a radically simplified approach, this application doesn’t have much to offer. iMouseTrick may not meet your needs if you’re looking for shortcuts to everyday tasks.

Even though it just offers a few functionalities, this software is ideal for those who are new to technology or don’t use auto clickers frequently. It’s a free application for Macintosh, so you can always give it a go.

6. Fast Auto Clicker

When it comes to continuous clicking, Fast Auto Clicker is a lifesaver. It provides lightning-fast replies and is simple to use.

It allows you to control and customize the number of clicks, the time interval, the automation buttons, and the hotkeys you wish to utilize.

To get started, open the application you want to work on, set the desired number of clicks, enter and alter the location and time for the function to run, and then select your keys from the keyboard to serve as shortcuts and hotkeys for resuming, initiating, or terminating the procedure.

You can use the hotkey to stop it immediately if it is set to unlimited access; once you have finished adding the desired number of clicks, it will stop on its own.

Improves user experience by allowing users to move the application across the screen. Unlike other auto-clickers, this one offers a compact UI. The user interface of this program is incredibly simple, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Random time delay is a feature on this platform that offers the impression of human expression. It is permitted to have two-time delays, which are interchanged with each click but never fall outside the user-specified period.

This is a no-risk option if you’re interested in trying out the app’s functionality.

7. Mac Random Mouse Clicker

We’ve already talked about two Mac Auto Clickers built by MurGaa, and Mac Random Mouse Clicker is a third that will be added to the list.

This software can perform right, middle and left mouse clicks. This auto-clicker allows you to hold on to buttons for as long as you want.

Mac Random Mouse Clicker, like the other auto-clickers, allows you to program keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the auto-clicking process. This software’s automatic functionality allows the delays between each click to be controlled, making it simple yet sophisticated.

You can use hotkeys on your keyboard to accomplish actions you’ve already registered in the application, which users can access. A free platform for Mac users worldwide can be found within the system’s tools after you download the software.

After reading through a few examples, we are confident that you now have a good idea of which auto-clicker software is most suited to your needs.

Most of the time, auto-clickers are a great convenience. However, they may not always live up to our expectations. Let’s have a look at a few possibilities.


In conclusion, the top Auto Clickers for Mac can make your work easier. We’ve hand-picked the best ones we could think of for you. You should try the ones that suit your needs.

If you’re obsessed with gaming, an auto clicker will make your experience better and smoother. Auto clickers can take your gaming to a new level.