10 Best File Managers for Rooted Android Devices (2024)

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Problems arise when using Android devices since only a small number of unrestricted files can be accessed without a password. However, rooting Android has become crucial for users to access the system.

Managers unrestricted files and even download files that have not been permitted by the official Android development team. As a result, if you have Rooted your device, you will require a reliable File Manager program to organize your data orderly.

Finding a File Manager app is easy, as thousands are available on the Google Play store. Some are only compatible with Android smartphones that have been Rooted, while others are not.

However, you’ll have access to a more robust File Manager after rooting your Android device. The best file managers for rooted Android devices are discussed here.

Best File Managers for Rooted Android Devices

It takes a lot of time to sift through the various file managers available to users of Rooted Android Devices to find useful ones. Here are some of the best:

1. Root Explorer

Up next is Root Explorer, a premium file manager for rooted smartphones. If you use this app and decide you don’t like it, you can get your money back. It uses the SQLite database system.

That’s why making text changes and extracting various file types is possible. It also supports file transfer over Bluetooth and email.

This well-liked tool claims to streamline managing files on Rooted Android gadgets. Its tools and capabilities are versatile enough to help users with various projects.

Its straightforward and uncluttered user interface makes it perfect for novices looking to get command of their files. Furthermore, this tool makes it simple to add and delete accounts. However, you should be aware that it was developed with Android users in mind primarily.

2. X-plore File Manager

If you have a rooted Android device, you may easily use the X-plore File Manager software to access and manage your files. USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality is built-in, making it simple to connect and use external storage like flash drives.

Simultaneously, it features a pad viewer integrated right in. So, the PDF reader would launch automatically whenever the File Manager was used to access one. You may play music from your own collection using the built-in music player.

In this file manager, you can see a tree structure in two separate panes. Quickly and easily view how much space you’ve used on your hard drive. You can examine the disc layout to find out, for instance, which files are taking up the most room.

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This File manager is especially useful because it facilitates access to cloud storage via wifi sharing, including services like Google Drive, Drive, WebDAV, and others. What’s even better is that there is zero cost associated with it.

3. Ultra Explorer

If your Android device is rooted, you can use Ultra Explorer, a powerful file manager, and web browser. This software has certain premium paid features but is otherwise free to use. The app gives you access to the device’s central processing unit.

However, it can also be used in hibernation apps that are rarely accessed. More than 50,000 people have downloaded Ultra Explorer from sources other than the Play Store.

Applications for Managing Rooted Android Files
The File Manager’s unique top bar allows you to perform swift and precise searches without leaving your comfort zone. Files can be copied, moved, or deleted.

The list and grid modes are designed for speedy work. Mark commonly used files with a gesture bookmark and access them quickly. In addition to its other great features, the software can compress and decompress ZIP files, among others.

4. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is the app you want if you’re in the market for a file manager for your rooted Android device with some special, uncommon features.

However, the app is designed primarily for usage on mobile devices. This app’s features are unique and only come in the premium paid edition. It’s up to you to decide if you want to buy it after trying out a 14-day trial version that you can download.

The app’s user interface couldn’t be simpler for those without technical knowledge. This program also allows you to access any file, including game files.

A solid file manager, the Explorer, allows you to easily switch between different views by dragging and dropping files between them. As an added bonus, the program facilitates quick file compression and decompression.

5. Root File Manager

The Root File manager is a popular option for Android devices with root access granted. It allows you to view any media stored on the memory card of your rooted Android handset.

You can get this software from the Google or Android play store for nothing. Clicking the link above will take you directly to the app’s download page, where it can be installed.

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This program lets you quickly and effortlessly copy, paste, and cut. Additionally, this browser allows you to compress and decompress files to get the appropriate size.

You can also change a file’s ownership and permissions so it can be shared without hassle. The app’s most remarkable feature is opening any file, even games.

6. Total Commander

A universal file manager, the Total Commander, can be installed on various devices. Quickly organize your files with this handy tool on Android and computer devices. Both the Play Store and the desktop site provide downloads of this app. It can be downloaded without cost.

The absence of intrusive advertisements is a welcome feature of the Total Commander file manager program. Furthermore, it contains a built-in text editor and the option to drag & drop files for streamlined operation.

There is no way to recover files in the app once they have been deleted using the text search tool. It offers standard features, including zip and unzips files, bookmarking, and a list of recently visited directories.

7. Amaze File Explorer

When managing files on your rooted Android device, the Amaze File Manager browser is a great option. As a result, you can easily use Android mobile devices’ extensive feature sets to manage your files. It is a free open-source file organizer that allows for straightforward alterations to the source code.

The app’s fundamental functions, such as copying, pasting, compressing, and extracting, are all easily accessible and operate smoothly. You can quickly delete or back up any app with the app manager, and there’s a convenient table for quick navigation.

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Multiple simultaneous drag-and-drop operations are supported. Access to a wide variety of skins and stylish icons is also a perk.

8. FX File Manager

Finally, we have FX File Manager, which takes after the discontinued ES Explorer interface. It’s similar in several ways and has its own special cleaning implement. Exciting features in FX File Manager require a paid subscription.

This tool combines a text editor and an SQLite database viewer, eliminating the need to seek multiple programs. Zip and tar/gzip archives can be made and extracted with ease.

The app is compatible with various services, including cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive and network storage options like Box and Box (SMB). Its features include choosing multiple items at once, bookmarks, thumbnails of images, and more.

9. File Manager

This app’s name says it all: the File Manager makes it simple to manage the files on your Android device. The fully compatible program allows instant file management, copying, and transferring.

Data files can be easily edited, allowing for simple copying and management on Android mobile devices. Now you can forget about searching for and installing different software for editing. In addition, it can be used to launch games. An attractive and user-friendly layout was a priority in the creation of this app.

10. Root Spy File Manager

The root spy file manager software can access various files on Android devices. It works perfectly for both rooted and unrooted Android devices. You can use it to open encrypted files on your phone or another mobile device. The app is available in the play store for no cost and is simple to install.

It’s easy to relocate, rename, copy, or remove files with this Manager. It also features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create new files and folders. Quickly compress or decompress files, and use powerful search tools, including an advanced search option.


Thanks to their open nature, Android devices make accessing and navigating your data easy. So, you’ll need a top-notch File manager or Explorer to help you manage and access all your files efficiently. Particularly important for those who own Android-powered mobile devices.

Every Android smartphone has a file manager already installed. However, they only have the most fundamental functions. A separate file manager is accessible on the Google Play store, a fortunate development.

In the table above, you’ll find specifics about the best options that we’ve found. These file explorers are listed by ID without any particular criteria, so pick one based on your needs and the features it offers.