10 Best Horoscope Apps For Android and iOS in (2024)

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This collection of horoscope apps for Android and iOS will help you get a glimpse of the future. You can Predict Financial and romantic success with the help of astrology apps.

Some people think it’s fake, while others genuinely believe in it and still find it entertaining. On Google Play, you may find a plethora of horoscope apps. As an added bonus, these are remarkably difficult to get wrong. Most individuals appear pleased as long as they learn something new every day.

However, there are so many options for horoscope apps that picking one may seem like an impossible task. Check out the Best Free Horoscope Apps for Android and iOS if you’re into astrology and horoscopes.

Best Horoscope Apps For Android And iOS

You can improve your life with the help of these best free Astrology apps. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Astrology Android and iOS apps to simplify your search.

1. Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic

I am new to Sanctuary, and it has improved my morning routine immensely. The daily conversations in Sanctuary are as reassuring as a text from a close friend updating you on the latest happenings.

Firstly, it provides basic information about your sun sign and rising sign. Then, based on your input, it selects a tarot card representing your daily goals. There’s even some astrological analysis to help you make sense of the future.

Even if that seems overly simplistic, remember that Sanctuary also provides Astro 101 guides to various terms and rather in-depth birth chart guides.

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There are also psychics, astrologers, and tarot card readers available, but their services come at a price. It’s free to download the app, but the individual consultations will set you back $5 for five minutes.

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2. Co–Star PersonCo–Star 

The popular app has been criticized for its ridiculous alerts, and there is also the debate that it “trolls” people who are now experiencing a positive life transition.

Although that is a rather crazy history, the first mistake users make when using any app is to enable push notifications. But as a genuine lady of the 8th house, I not only have it, but I put it to good use; if I didn’t include it here, you’d be wondering where it went.

There’s value in digging deep into your natal chart to discover the exact cycles you’re experiencing. Co-social Star’s networking features, especially the quick access to their planetary composition, are what I enjoy the most.

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3. The Pattern

Simply enter your name, gender, date, place, and time of birth, and The Pattern will reveal the primary characteristics of your innate personality. The Android app analyses emotional cycles and predicts when certain characteristics will reach their highest point in your life.

The Pattern allows you to read a brief analysis or to delve further into a more comprehensive compatibility examination.

Simply enter the information about your love partner, friend, or crush into the site, and you will be able to check your relationship compatibility with others who are not on the platform.

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You may look at how you are doing in life, relationships, and your profession by using the app, and then you can store the insights and add notes to them.

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4. TimePassages

Birth charts, astrological profiles, and transit updates are all available on TimePassages. Full descriptions and order of precedence for the planetary locations are provided.

The app provides accessible instruction on how the motions of the planets affect human behavior. You can also view the zodiac signs, charts, planets, and daily horoscopes of your friends and family members.

The planetary configurations are all explained in great depth in TimePassages. You can learn how to read astrological charts more precisely using their information.

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5. Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone app features a full suite of astrological resources, including horoscopes for each day of the month, compatibility charts, and articles on the subject.

Miller is a prominent member of the astrological community; she began her study of the subject when she was 15 and her website, astrologyzone.com, recently marked its 24th anniversary.

Astrology Zone is an app for all Apple and Android devices (including the Apple Watch) that you can rely on for accurate predictions (because you never know when you need a gentle nudge from the stars).

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6. Time Nomad Astrology Charts

With the help of the iOS app Time Nomad, you may get precise birth chart calculations and in-depth updates on astrological happenings. However, many newcomers could find the language and concepts unfamiliar and difficult to grasp.

There are options for both the sidereal and tropical zodiacs, as well as natal and synastry charts, in this app. Furthermore, it includes comprehensive educational resources for horoscope readers interested in delving deeper into the field.

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When using Time Nomad, you can add many people, places, businesses, and global trends to analyze at once. Incorporate the planetary alignment into your timetable planning.

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7. Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope 

You should consider this app if you’re seeking an alternative to traditional Western astrology. Chaturanga is a portable astrologer with its foundations in Vedic astrology.

After providing Chaturanga with your birth details (including the precise date, time, and location of your birth), you are then allowed to pose a query to a real-life astrologer. These astrologers are available anytime to address astrological questions and those about love and careers.

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8. Nebula 

You may check your horoscope on Nebula every day, week, month, and year. The app gives you daily insights on what you should concentrate on and how to manage your own life and your relationships.

It allows you to look up the zodiac sign of anyone and see if you are compatible with them and analyze your own birth chart.

Through Nebula, you can gain entry to a wealth of astrological data, such as individualized calendars for topics like wellness, physical fitness, cosmetics, the home, and vacations. The planets, zodiac signs, palmistry, and other esoteric topics are all covered in these books.

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9. Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope app from Cometic is a no-frills option for those interested in such predictions. Included are horoscopes for each day of the week and month.

The widget, Chinese horoscopes, and ratings for zodiac compatibility are all included. Horoscopes from the past week or so are available, and you may subscribe to receive daily push alerts with your horoscope. Simple personalization options are available within the app as well.

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It’s hardly the most demanding app available. However, it serves its purpose and is useful for those seeking a straightforward solution. The app is free, albeit it does contain advertisements.

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10. iHoroscope

iHoroscope has the normal features we keep enumerating, so we won’t do it here. Love, health, success at work, and friendship happiness are all covered in its horoscopes.

A paragraph or two of detail is provided for each topic. Although the ads can intrude, the app has one of the best user interfaces. You will, of course, also receive updates and alerts.

We recommend this one if you are willing to pay an additional $2.99 to disable ads. A paid chat feature is also available. You can get horoscope talks with a personal astrologer by purchasing credits within the app.

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