Is eHarmony Safe, Legit and Worth It for Dating? – (2024)

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You may be asking, now that you have a better grasp of what eHarmony is and how it operates, whether or not eHarmony is safe, legit, or worth trying out. You’re in luck because all those questions will be answered and all the information you require will be provided in this post.

Is eHarmony safe?

eHarmony is a more secure dating platform than most other dating sites since it requires users to complete a questionnaire before opening an account. eHarmony additionally checks its users’ identities against public criminal databases to guarantee that no one improperly using the service would do so.

However, unless you strongly feel that you can trust the person, you shouldn’t meet anyone from eHarmony.

Individuals are also less likely to use it maliciously because it requires a paid subscription to access the full experience. This makes it less likely that people will use it.

[email protected] is the email address you should use to contact eHarmony with any questions or concerns you may have regarding any of your potential partners.

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Is eHarmony legit?

eHarmony is a more credible option than the majority of online dating sites. Because it has been operational since 2000, it is among the oldest and most reputable online dating sites.

Additionally, in contrast to other more recently developed and widely used dating websites and apps, the primary focus of eHarmony is on cultivating long-term partnerships as opposed to more casual encounters.

Is eHarmony worth it?

When it comes to finding a partner for the long haul, eHarmony is well worth the investment. Because users of eHarmony are required to pay a monthly subscription fee to utilize the site to its total capacity, some individuals may not believe it is worthwhile to meet people who are compatible with them if they aren’t serious about finding a good match.

Have a look at our next piece, in which we discuss the fees involved with using eHarmony if you feel you need additional information to determine whether or not eHarmony will benefit you.

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5 eHarmony safety tips

1. Be careful how much information you reveal on your profile

You should never make your personal or financial information apparent to the general public by posting it online or in a public forum.

You shouldn’t give up crucial personal details like your address, bank information, social insurance number, or any other information that could get you into trouble.

If somebody asks for that information, you must report it to the customer support team.

2. Take your time getting to know your matches before meeting them.

When you start a conversation with one of your potential matches, make sure not to rush things. Before agreeing to meet someone in person for the first time, it is best to take things slowly and get to know the individual thoroughly.

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3. Don’t meet up with anyone in person until you’re sure you can trust them.

Use your best judgment. It is best to meet a new person for the first time in a public setting, just in case something goes wrong. Along the same lines as our previous advice, you shouldn’t meet anyone in person unless you are confident in them and trust them.

4. Report anyone who is behaving suspiciously.

You should notify eHarmony if one of your potential matches sounds fishy or is inquiring about stuff they have no right to ask about. Be aware of anyone who acts oddly toward you since nobody has the right to ask for your personal or financial information in the first place.

5. Be prepared and take precautions before meeting for a date.

It is an excellent idea to let a close friend or family member know that you are going out on a date with someone you met on eHarmony. If something goes wrong, you should advise them of where you are going and what you know about the person you are meeting.

In addition, arrange to meet your date at the public place you’ve both decided upon. Before you’ve had more time to get to know someone, you shouldn’t allow them to drive you anywhere or drop you off.

You now have all the information you require to make an informed decision regarding whether or not the service in question is risk-free, reputable, and worthwhile.

Check out our step-by-step guide on signing up for eHarmony if you’re ready to use the website or app right away. You will learn everything you need to know about using eHarmony to find love by taking advantage of our no-cost eHarmony course.