8 Best LeetCode Alternatives You Need in (2024)

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Are you looking for alternatives to LeetCode? If you’re looking to sharpen your technical interview skills, LeetCode is a great resource to use.

It is the most efficient and well-optimized platform to help you reach the next level in your coding career. Learning high-level programming languages on this platform is simple and fast.

More than 1800 training questions are available on the site, which helps you progress quickly. It’s important to note, however, that this platform boasts one of the most active tech communities, with individuals actively participating in competitions to earn cash awards.

There is even a way for companies to hire computer experts quickly. Live interviews, the ability to generate custom queries, online databases, and much more are all included in LeetCode’s comprehensive solution.

To broaden your knowledge base, you’ll want to look at Leetcode alternatives to see what else is out there.

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Best LeetCode Alternatives You Should Know

1. CheckiO

Leetcode’s CheckIO is a free alternative designed for new and seasoned programmers. It lets them practice their TypeScript and Python skills while simultaneously having fun!

English and Spanish versions of CheckIO are available. After being developed by a team of engineers, the platform currently has many users worldwide who may benefit from it by following the on-screen instructions to enhance their programming speed and talents.

Teachers worldwide rely on this comprehensive tool as an alternative to Leetcode in their classrooms. Activities that are both fun and challenges are included.

You are free to examine, select, and begin addressing any challenge without limitations. In addition, there is the freedom to create and disseminate one’s work.

You may access CheckIO’s service from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, making it a popular platform for beginning programmers.

2. AlgoExpert

Programmers preparing for an interview can benefit significantly from AlgoExpert, similar to LeetCode in many ways.

More than 150 algorithm tasks, ranging in difficulty from Basic to Very Hard, are available on this video-based website.

AlgoExpert teaches you about graphs, arrays, searching, filtering, binary trees, and stacks, among other things.

Use its four-pane integrated workstation, which includes a pad for writing, reading the prompt, and getting an answer. You can also view a video explanation.

Up to nine programming languages can now be learned using this alternate method instead of Leetcode. Those who complete the tests will also receive a certificate from Algoexpert.

3. CodeChef

As a forum for programmers to enter cryptography, coding, and programming competitions, CodeChef was founded in 2012.

Between the beginning of each month, the CodeChef team holds a coding contest, and at the midpoint and the end of the season, there are various side programming tasks.

Training classes and conversations on algorithms, binaries, and other technical aspects such as array size are also offered by this free alternative to Leetcode CodeChef not only hosts programming competitions but also provides algorithm tutorials and algorithm tutorials discussion forums to help those new to computer programming.

Preparing for coding competitions has never been more enjoyable! You can begin your search by answering any of the site’s many questions in the language of your choice. The contest’s judges accept more than 55 different programming languages. Accumulate points to rise in the CodeChef ranks.

CodeChef’s approach is straightforward: practice research, competition, and discussion. As a result, you’ll begin the course by working on various programming problems in more than 40 languages to improve your current programming skills.

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To advance in the rankings, you must first answer a certain number of questions correctly. After that, you have the option of competing against your peers. Prizes vary from event to tournament. Finally, there is a forum where you can engage in spirited debates with other programmers. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to speak with members of the CodeChef team.

4. CodinGame

This game is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to write code in a few lines of 20+ coding. CodinGame allows you to participate in generating the code for video games that you can play right away online, rather than merely solving coding challenges in an editor. Here’s a rundown of what’s currently accessible and an example of one of those games.

Many programmers enjoy completing tasks and competing on this website, even if it isn’t exactly like the other competitive programming websites mentioned above.

My own personal experiences with the websites, Google searches and Quora postings were used to construct the list. Other people’s recommendations on websites to check out can be found on forums and subreddits like r/learnprogramming.

Another site like LeetCode that is entirely free is CodinGame. Over 25 different coding languages are supported. Additionally, you can work alone or as part of a team to complete a multiplayer task. Every coding subject will be taught to you in the form of a game to facilitate your learning. As a result, you can both have fun and learn something!

5. Coderbyte

To help companies administer coding assessments for computer and technical jobs, Coderbyte has been virtualized. With this Leetcode substitute, you may get a one-stop-shop for all of the necessary features and services for code assessment.

Using the solution’s activity dashboard, managers can centrally modify system settings, keep tabs on logs, and see how far along a project is. Employers can use predictive analytics to create candidate qualification criteria, detect plagiarism, and generate performance reports for various applications. Customized exams can also be created fast and efficiently with the help of a built-in task library.

It saves time and effort by allowing you to create a thorough user profile. You may save time and effort by accessing a complete set of recruiting tools. Coderbyte’s key features include skill evaluations, applicant assessments, online exams, customized tests, and more.

Programming skills can be improved by visiting Coderbyte.com. You’ll be able to put your algorithmic thinking skills to the test on various problems every day.

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Develop your coding and interviewing skills. It is our goal at Coderbyte to assist you in becoming more proficient in the areas of logic, mathematics, and algorithms. With its exam study material, you can prepare for leading IT companies’ programming interviews.

6. Edabit

Edabit is a popular alternative to LeetCode for those looking to learn how to code through various interactive exercises. Learning computer languages quickly and efficiently was a primary goal when developing this platform. Nearly every major language can be swiftly learned on this website. If you’d like, you can participate in various quizzes, challenges, and workouts.

The platform simulates real-world coding while removing the tedious and non-educational aspects of the process. It makes learning fun and addictive by incorporating features of classic video games. It is possible to study programming languages like Swift, Javascript, and Python with Edabit.

Using Edabit, you can learn new skills in a short period by doing small, manageable tasks. The fastest way to pick up a new language is to chat with someone fluent in that language. Similarly, the quickest way to learn how to code is to do it.

Occasionally, you may find yourself torn between having to study something that is either too basic or prohibitively tough. All the material is laid out so that a newbie or an expert coder can easily understand it. Edabit is the missing link.

You start with the easy stuff and work up to the more challenging one. Real-world programming is emulated in Edabit, but the tedious and non-educational components are omitted. We hope to make learning more exciting and addictive by incorporating basic gaming features. Obtaining XP and achieving achievements is the only way to progress.

7. HackerRank

As part of LeetCode, an online judging platform that provides participants with free programming problems of varying difficulty levels (ranked Easy, Mid, and Difficult). Hacker Rank also has coding challenges for people interested in competitive programming.

HackerRank is one of the most popular alternatives to LeetCode. In this game-based learning environment, you’ll work on consumer practice questions. HackerRank tournaments allow you to compete against other members of the community.

HackerRank’s challenges cover various topics, including algorithms, mathematics, SQL, modular programming, and artificial intelligence. There is no time limit and you can accomplish all the challenges immediately.

On HackerRank, users may also apply for jobs by completing business coding challenges. Most challenges feature an editorial that defines the issue and provides advice on how to solve it, as well as a debate and scoring. You can’t read other people’s answers on HackerRank right now, aside from the opinion column.

8. Exercism

Are you a complete newcomer to the world of computer programming? As fascinating and challenging as learning how to code, it can also be a challenge. There are numerous small successes to be had when working out. They are brief, clearly stated, and challenging enough to uncover knowledge gaps in bite-sized chunks.

Reviewers can get a sense of what you’ve yet to discover using your replies. Code writing will become easier for you due to the helpful feedback you receive from your colleagues and peers.

As an alternative to LeetCode, Exercism offers more than 4,000 tasks in up to 52 common programming languages. Solo practice and mentor-based learning are highly valued features that set it apart from similar programming platforms. The best thing about this program is that it has a worldwide community of developers eager to help newcomers.

As you progress through the program’s levels, you will have unrestricted access to new concepts and activities. Your mentor will review your code when you finish an assignment on your computer and select the language you want to study. Exercism’s engineers can also provide real-time feedback on your code submissions.


You don’t have to pay for LeetCode Professional to access most of the site questions since most are free. Most of these materials are self-taught, a learning method that not all coders can implement.

Even though this website differs from the others described above, it is nevertheless popular amongst programmers who enjoy solving problems and competing.

Despite this, LeetCode is still a fantastic coding resource for all levels of programmers. As a result, if you’re seeking a LeetCode alternative, you should also look for something similar, and CodeChef checks all the boxes.

For free, CodeChef connects you to a worldwide community of programmers and offers coding challenges. Furthermore, they do it all for free! To put it another way, CodeChef is an excellent LeetCode replacement.