10 Best Toggl Alternatives For Time Management (2023)

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Toggl is widely used because it not only tracks time but also helps with project management and finding new employees. Many people, however, discover that it isn’t the perfect answer for their project time-tracking needs, particularly in assisting software engineers manage their time.

The software’s lack of robust reporting features prevents development teams from gaining useful insights into their performance and hinders their efforts to optimize their procedures. The time-tracking app Toggl also has a few options for increasing efficiency. The timekeeping, project management, and employee search features are all sold individually. Here we have mentioned the best alternatives to Toggl and discuss their most important features, advantages, and downsides.

Best Toggl Alternatives

With time monitoring and management software, businesses may cut costs by gaining insight into how employees spend their time. To help consumers choose the best time-tracking system, we compiled a list of alternatives to Toggl.

1. Zoho 

Small businesses can generate invoices for free with Zoho Invoice. It includes a timer that may be used to keep tabs on how long a project has taken so that money can be billed to the appropriate parties. The timer can be initiated through Apple Watch, iPhone, or the web.

Zoho Invoice provides an easy-to-read calendar view for recording billable time. The timer button within a project allows users to record how much time was spent on each activity. Users can request payment in advance by submitting an invoice using the system’s built-in invoicing functionality.

2. WebWork Time Tracker

WebWork’s time-tracking features provide a full picture of your staff’s efficiency on the job. It’s a task manager with time monitoring based on specific tasks, screenshots, app tracking, and a mouse and keyboard calculator. Statistics and graphs are generated instantly using all of this information as evidence of your efforts.

It’s an effective tool for keeping things running smoothly and looking professional. But it does not support real-time monitoring in the user’s immediate area. Time differences could cause complications for users. Employees can erase screenshots without management approval, and there is no idle time notice.

3. Hive

A project management tool like Hive can help get your team closer to its goal of success. To better organize your team’s work and receive a bird’s-eye view of the project’s progress, you can switch between several distinct views. By providing users with collaboration tools and project templates.

Hive simplifies project management for even the most complicated of projects. Keeping tabs on your team’s development and holding productive, participative meetings are two ways to ensure that everyone is working toward the same end and is aware of the full scope of the project.

4. HourStack

HourStack presents a novel approach to keeping track of time by introducing calendar time monitoring. You can keep tabs on events right on your calendar with this view. To those who are bored with conventional time-tracking and reporting tools like Toggl, this is a welcome addition.

HourStack is built around the idea that you can better organize and control your schedule by seeing it in a visual format. Easy because the app is sleek and intuitive. The app’s reporting function, while straightforward, may be too simplistic for certain users.

5. nTask

This is one of the best alternatives to Toggl for managing projects with teams or as a freelancer, and it’s useful across many different fields. nTask is a comprehensive software solution for managing projects of any size or complexity, with a streamlined user interface and an abundance of advanced capabilities.

You can keep tabs on various projects at once with the help of nTask and its many useful features. nTask provides a wide range of options, including time tracking, a kanban board, and an issue tracker.

6. Clockify

Clockify does more than just manage time; it also provides timesheets and reporting options for keeping tabs on productivity, attendance, and billable hours across teams. Both manual and automatic task recording are possible.

Viewing your work week on a calendar can help you identify your most productive hours. Time spent in Jira, ClickUp, GitHub, etc. can be logged and used in invoicing to generate invoices and charge customers for services rendered.

7. TopTracker

Toptal, the freelancer marketplace, offers a free tool called TopTracker for tracking time, sending invoices, and receiving cash. It’s free to use and has timed snapshots, activity monitoring, and invoicing functions. The application is accessible online and locally on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Debian and RedHat).

TopTracker integrates with the payments processor Payoneer to help independent contractors send invoices to clients and get paid for time recorded. This time management software is cross-platform and has shortcut keys for quickly starting and stopping timers. In addition, freelancers have complete control over their privacy settings.

8. TimeLive

With TimeLive’s in-depth time monitoring and timesheets, you can monitor costs and staff productivity with ease. Anyone, no matter where they may be, can oversee their staff’s activities. Information may be recorded, expenses managed, and approval processes streamlined with the help of this web-based tracking tool.

Excellent user satisfaction is a direct result of the intuitive design and wide range of personalization options available inside the platform. TimeLive works well for smaller groups, but large teams may experience certain issues. Again, adjusting to your preferences can be challenging due to software flaws.

9. My Hours

My Hours is a time-tracking software that has been around for almost 20 years and was developed with one specific objective: helping you run lucrative projects. The free subscription includes an unlimited number of projects, tasks, clients, and team members, making it the best value pricing performance app currently available.

Easily organize your projects, monitor how much time you spend on each one, and bill your customers (or export the data) all from the same location. Not to mention, My Hours has one of the most helpful support teams available today.

10. Journyx 

Journyx simplifies the timesheet, expense report, and asset management processes. Time worked, billed, and employees’ whereabouts can all be monitored more easily. Capacity planning is simplified by the ease with which you can predict costs, assign resources, monitor progress, and schedule projects.

It works great for businesses with moderate to high throughput. With Journyx, you can manage time, organize projects, and boost staff output. It’s a great alternative to the popular time-tracking app Toggl.