10 Best BMX Games For Android and iOS in (2024)

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Want to play BMX games that will teach you some sick BMX moves? You can stop worrying after you’ve read this article. You can’t get the same thrill from riding a BMX on a console as you would in the real thing. When it comes to video games, BMX games have always been lacking, even on home consoles and computers.

After all, this is a rather small subset of the gaming industry. Even yet, if you play a good game in the genre, it may be entertaining. BMX games on mobile devices tend to fall a bit short when put next to other genres. There aren’t many good options in this niche of mobile gaming. Here are some of the top Best BMX games For android and ios to get you rolling.

Best BMX Games For Android and iOS

Become a BMX racer in your spare time, even if you can’t ride it in real life. You don’t need speed or endurance, only the ability to master the tilt of your gadget and maintain focus. So, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Free BMX games forAndroid and iOS.

1. Mad Skills BMX 2

The game’s designers took some elementary physics concepts into account. The realistic touches that were included helped to give the whole thing a more serious and mature tone.

You can choose from various riders to suit your individual needs and preferences. It’s possible to mold them to reflect your individuality.

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Additionally, there are several uniquely crafted tunes, and more are being added weekly. More difficulties will be introduced, maintaining a constant state of play. Defeating the bad bosses is a constant challenge. It will take practice to beat these cunning bad guys.

Jam contests occur every week. You can compete against locals, regional gamers, and even players from other countries.

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2. BMX Space

The competition pales in comparison to this dominating example of the genre. Easy-to-understand controls and fluid animations ensure a stress-free gaming experience. Making and customizing your hero is the first order of business here.

You have unlimited time to roam about and ride in the game’s several BMX playgrounds. There are hardly any restrictions here, so you can do whatever you choose.

In addition, you get access to all the necessary training equipment and can design your own courses. In this game, you’ll face off against other players in challenges and learn new tricks to impress them.

To be more specific, the game supports 10-player team competitions. The competitions are held to determine who has the best riding skills and who can perform the most impressive tricks. You’ll access better tools and gear as you progress through the game.

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3. Touchgrind BMX

Enjoyable for showing off your wild BMX skills, this game is a blast. This game is great fun if you like to let loose and execute crazy stunts on your BMX bike.

It provides multiple riding environments where players can perform crazy feats like jumping off a 50-story skyscraper, navigating tight mountain routes, and soaring over gaps. That’s right; you’ll experience the maximum dose of digital excitement.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind BMX by picking out its frame, handlebar, wheels, and other components. If necessary, you will even be able to make your own unique design.

You can also pit your wits against your friends to see who has the most impressive trick repertoire. You might like to compete in PvP duels or international tournaments instead.

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You can perform incredible stunts in a 3D BMX video game. You’ll have a great time with this game if you’re in it to perform some insane flips and acrobatics.

Let it be known that the visuals in this piece are not top-notch, but they are also not terrible. You’ll have your pick of eight skate parks modeled after locations worldwide.

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In addition, you can design your very own riding area from scratch. You’ll have a lot of freedom in selecting and customizing your BMX. The more you progress through the ranks and improve your riding talents, the more sophisticated tricks you’ll be able to pull off on your bike.

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5. Bike Mayhem Free

Challenge yourself by executing acrobatics while riding your bike across the mountains, which are steep and sloping in places.

The trails were aesthetically constructed but also feature intentionally dangerous sections with sharp rocks and roots.

Timed races and freestyle trick competitions are both featured. Both have paths based on real-world locales.

Dress up your biker with all the cool threads the game has to offer. Additionally, you can shop for accessories that aren’t integrated into the app. Improvements to your bike’s speed, strength, agility, and stamina are all possible.

If you have friends who also play the game, you can race against them or just share your results to see who is the best.

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6. Shred 2

Technically speaking, Shred 2 is a mountain bike game. But it has a lot in common with BMX games. You go for the big slopes and ramps so you can pull off big tricks. Compared to other games on the list, this one moves very quickly.

This is a 2.5-dimensional game. You can’t just go wherever you want, but there are plenty of chances to perform huge tricks. The game has 40 different levels, a good soundtrack, and support for hardware controllers.

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There isn’t much to criticize here. It costs $3.49 to download, with an additional $1.49 in-app purchase available. Although it may not be BMX, it certainly holds its own against other similarly styled works.

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7. Max Air

The next installment will be a BMX game where players can learn to perform dangerous tricks. The game’s premise couldn’t be more elementary: pick a bike and ride it down the half pipe.

There are several bikes to choose from, but the most complex one is kept behind a paywall. Plus, you’ll have the option to fine-tune and customize your BMX to your specific riding style and needs.

You will be able to exercise in various environments, including urban centers, beaches, and even the jungle, where you can practice with real-life wild creatures. You’ll pick up skills like air tricks, flip spins, and more as you progress through the game.

You’ll practice going faster on your bike and perform tricks simultaneously. You may earn points to spend on boosts, new skins, and more by learning and doing stunts.

Download For Android and iOS

8. King Of Dirt BMX

If you own an iPhone, you shouldn’t skip over this one because the graphics are among the best in the collection. Many different and interesting skate parks are featured in the game, allowing you to ride and practice in various environments.

As an added bonus, a wide variety of bikes are available, from the traditional BMX to the more advanced MTB and even a miniature bike.

As expected, you can change the color scheme and upgrade your bikes in the game. You’ll need to start earning points to unlock everything right away.

Various quests are available in the game that can be used to hone your abilities and uncover hidden secrets. Once you know all the tricks, you can use them in any combination you like.

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9. Flip Rider

To learn jaw-dropping BMX tricks, play that game. You’ll get to show off your skills as the best MBX rider around as you zoom down ramps and soar to dizzying heights. From Los Angeles to Baikal and everywhere in between, the game has several half pipes from which to hone your riding skills.

In addition, you can perform any impressive feats that spring to mind in this game. Nose grabs, front-side airs, and a tonne more are all in store for you. The game features a variety of high-powered BMX bikes that can be swapped and upgraded.

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As you progress through the game and improve your talents, you can master more advanced moves and combine those you have already learned.

Bonuses will increase in proportion to the complexity of the tricks you do. New playable characters with their own riding styles and powers can also be unlocked.

Download For Android and iOS

10. Bike Racing 3D

It’s a racing video game where you may perform extreme BMX maneuvers. It travels across various difficult terrain and passes through various hostile environments.

You’ll have the opportunity to traverse ice paths, icy circles, and more on your horse. With its career mode, you can race over 60 different courses of ever higher complexity. As a result, you’ll need to hone your technical skills over a long period of time spent playing.

You can earn bonuses and in-game currency that can be used to purchase additional bike components by taking part in optional tasks. You’ll have the option of customizing one of five different bicycles to your exact specifications.

Additionally, the game features authentic physics, meaning that the tracks will impact your riding style.

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