10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming (2024) – FAST and Secure

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Do you want to improve your gaming experience and search for the “Best DNS Servers for Gaming?” If you’re unfamiliar with DNS servers, the Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol or system that translates domain names into their corresponding Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

You will be assigned a server when you connect to the internet without your own. However, it may not be the best choice, seeing as how it was provided to you by your ISP.

Sites on slow servers may take longer to load, and if the server you’re connected to goes offline, you could lose access to the web. Here we have compiled a list of the best DNS Servers for gaming.

Best DNS Servers for Gaming

If you need some trustworthy public DNS servers for Gaming, we’ve created a list of the best options below.

1. Google Public DNS

You may easily and effectively replace your ISP’s nameservers with Google’s Public DNS(opens in a new tab). Cloudflare’s “we don’t keep anything” claim is nice, but the service’s respect for users’ privacy falls short.

For support and troubleshooting purposes, the service stores the IP address of the inquiring device for up to two days.

Data stored “permanently” is stripped of identifying information and aggregated to the city level before being erased two weeks later. The extensive description of Google’s service is an added bonus for seasoned users.

2. Quad9

The company markets itself as being able to prevent access to harmful websites by compiling data from “many public and private sources”.

Quad9’s website claims that as of December 2018, they used 18+ “threat intelligence providers,” albeit it is unclear what these are.

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We find that a bit too nebulous, and we’re not certain that having a large number of threat intelligence sources will assist since the quality of the intelligence is generally more significant than the quantity.

3. Comodo Secure DNS

Superior protection, transparency, and control from any device, anywhere, for free; ideal for enterprises and households. Protect yourself and your family for free against dangerous and fraudulent websites with Comodo Secure DNS.

It’s a top-tier DNS server because it responds to queries quickly, making it ideal for online play. There is a robust first defense for the DNS service.

Moreover, it provides content protection policy enforcement both while online and offline. This service is fantastic for both individual and professional use. Rapid enterprise deployment is made possible by using this free DNS solution.

4. Cloudflare

The Cloudflare DNS service is a joint effort between Cloudflare and APNIC. The service offers one of the quickest public DNS options available. According to DNSPerf, the service is both faster and more reliable than Google Public DNS and VeriSign DNS.

Cloudflare DNS is available for both commercial and personal use. IP addresses are not recorded, providing customers an extra layer of privacy. Mobile and computer users alike can access these services.

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Cloudflare is among the quickest domain name system (DNS) providers. On the other hand, it has no safeguards against malicious software or phishing websites. Also, there is no option to disable advertisements.

5. OpenDNS

Launched in 2005, OpenDNS was purchased by Cisco in 2015. It is another well-known option among the top 2022 DNS providers.

The free DNS service has several built-in safeguards, such as protection against phishing and content filtering, making it a good choice for private use.

OpenDNS works with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, supporting DoH out of the box but not DoT. Support for the DNSCrypt protocol is also included; OpenDNS was the first provider to implement DNSCrypt.

6. CleanBrowsing

The primary function of the public DNS resolver is to provide filters that allow for parental controls and prohibit pornographic content. In other words, it intends to protect children from harmful content when they surf the web.

As a smaller service than Quad9 or Cloudflare, CleanBrowsing can take a more nuanced approach.

The free DNS service supports the most widely used security protocols, such as DNSCrypt, DNSOverTor, and DNSOverTor. The DNS resolver can obtain free dedicated IP addresses for kids, adults, and security software.

7. OpenNIC

The best way to get unrestricted access to the internet also gets around global restrictions for free. OpenNIC is a reliable DNS service that doesn’t filter information. The main thing it does is give you unlimited access to the internet.

The nonprofit organization relies on unpaid volunteers to manage its servers. Users can select from a list of nearby data centers. OpenNIC gives you access to the internet without any censorship or interruptions.

However, it lacks safeguards that prevent exposure to malicious content on the web. Installing a browser add-on or anti-virus tool is essential for protecting yourself from being tracked or infected with malware.

8. UncensoredDNS

The best free option for quick, unfiltered web access in Western Hemisphere countries. If you use Uncensored DNS, you can be sure that your data is sent and stored quickly and safely without costing you anything.

It operates a single server in the United States and three in Europe. DNS providers don’t track or keep any information. Thus, your data is safe.

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On the other hand, it provides many safety features, including ad-blocking and malware prevention. The UncensoredDNS service is quick and provides maximum anonymity for your DNS requests.

9. SafeDNS

Ideal for filtering and securing the web for homes, non-profits, schools, and businesses. A plan from SafeDNS is practical and easy on the wallet. Web content is now filtered using artificial intelligence, ensuring the blocking is done safely.

Malware can’t infiltrate your system because of the free DNS plan. To access premium services like ad and tracking blocking, you must upgrade to a paid subscription. It does not protect users’ privacy and records sensitive information such as IP addresses.

10. Alternate DNS

The primary function of Alternate DNS is to serve as a supplier of a DNS lookup service. Additionally, it blocks advertisements and safeguards the user’s computer from viruses, allowing for a secure internet connection that is lightning fast.

Using the service, you can look around on the internet without ads getting in the way. The service provider maintains a comprehensive blacklist of the suspect or fraudulent websites.