10 Best Prank Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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Your best prank apps, such as those for prank texting and prank calls, should be up to date with the latest generation of mobile devices. Because of this, we are here to provide you with a fresh concept that will easily trick your friends. We can assist you in enjoying the time of prank by utilizing a variety of prank apps, so yes, this is possible.

For the most realistic pranks, download one of the many free prank apps available for Android and iOS. You may fabricate whatever narrative you need with the help of these prank apps, as you can control all participants in the conversation, even if you’re pretending to be part of a group chat. Below you have compiled a list of the best Prank Apps For Android and iOS smartphones.

Best Prank Apps For Android and iOS

You can’t pull the same pranks from the 1990s in 2022; they need to be updated. You can always rely on your phone, and the mobile app developers in your area will be happy to assist you. I’ve listed the Best prank apps for android and iOS users that will make it easier to pull off hilarious pranks.

1. Who’s Calling 

How often do you wish the president would call you? Or maybe a famous person you admire. I hate to be the one to break your heart, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Having your friends believe you are the next best thing. The software Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call allows you to do that, despite its somewhat unfortunate moniker.

The app can help you get out of a meeting, avoid an unpleasant date, or even trick your loved ones into thinking George Clooney is constantly calling your phone.

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While some selections are pre-loaded, adding your own personal callers — replete with a photo — is quick and straightforward. The caller will speak to you when it arrives, lending even more legitimacy to the call.

There are a total of 99 ringtones and 9 aesthetically distinct call displays to choose from in this app. Select the desired delay and put the phone down out of reach when your famous pal calls.

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2. TextingStory 

Now you can quickly trick your friends with convincing fake conversations thanks to this app. It considers all the subtleties of simulating a discussion to make it sound natural.

As a result, not only will you be able to capture a scene movie, but you will also snap a screenshot of your texts. In addition, you can capture a live conversation on video (the messages will keep coming).

As such, the app’s user interface and mechanics are both straightforward. Real-time dialogue may appear complicated to create, but in reality, all you need to set a timer and you’re done.

Yes, you may play any type of media file within the app. The only real drawback of his software is that it doesn’t resemble any of the widely used messaging apps.

However, you can work around this problem by making up a story about how you’re utilizing another IM service. Even better, this is the only app of its kind that works on Android and iOS, which is great.

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3. The Prank App

The Prank App is a one-stop shop for all your practical joke requirements. Not everything here is a home run, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, there are more than 10 pranks and plenty more in the store.

Some apps compel users to make snap judgments, apps that make a lot of noise like blades and whips, and apps that are intentionally terrifying. Everything you need is in just one handy app.

If you hit them at the right moment, they might think you shaved their head or the po-po are after them. Like the lie detector, there are others. Simply by touching the screen, it can “discern” if the person is telling the truth or not.

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Of course, it can’t do that, and the outcomes are always under your control. It’s also possible to guess what will appear on a dice set. Whether you just use one or a few, this is a simple location to begin exploring the world of prank apps.

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4. Fake Chat Conversations

Next, we have an Android app that acts as a parody of WhatsApp conversations. No one will suspect your screenshots are fake because the icon for this app is an exact replica of WhatsApp’s user interface.

This restricts the target audience somewhat; nonetheless, most individuals already use WhatsApp daily. This software is designed to help you make fun of your friends behind their backs and does a good job of doing just that.

You may control every conversation aspect and create a convincingly realistic fake conversation. The dialogue can look even more authentic thanks to the app’s support for any media assets.

Furthermore, it has full emoji support, so you have nothing to worry about. You can even swap fake audio recordings if it helps.

This app also allows you to customize the contact’s ACC by altering their name, status, and profile picture. The chat can be searched for certain terms using a “fake” search bar.

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5. Fake All

Jokes about fake phone calls are still amusing, even if most people now use their phones for texting and messaging rather than making actual phone calls.

However, my favorite feature of Fake All is its ability to mimic the appearance and feel of major messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in your text discussions.

The Fake All feature allows you to fabricate a complete exchange. Shift perspectives between the two speakers to create a convincing discussion you may use to impress people.

You can do things like have messages come in or create dialogues. Just compose the text and set the time and date to send it.

Then, you’ll get a notification that looks just like the one you’d get in iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more. You can then gracefully leave the conversation or wow your buddies.

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6. Fake Text Message

It’s an amusing way to get one over on your friends via text message. With this software, you can pretend to have a complete SMS conversation with anyone.

Since it’s highly modifiable, you may fine-tune it to perfection and make it feel as authentic as possible. For instance, you can play around with the speech themes and even set a custom backdrop. Notably, it doesn’t re-create any of the well-known messengers.

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Here, you may imitate not only a conversation but also a page with a chat history and an alert. The ability to quickly escape a bothersome circumstance may find handy.

The app also allows you to compose texts for both parties in a conversation and can play whatever media you throw at it. The mechanism is intuitive: just select a stance in a debate and type out your desired SMS response.

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7. Telefun Fake chat

As you may guess from the name, this app is designed to help you imitate Telegram users. Since Telegram is currently one of the most popular messaging services, having a similar app must be great, right? Nothing about the re-creation of the user interface feels off or false.

The plot is very typical of this type of work. Create fictitious accounts complete with friends, contacts, chats, and channels. You can even create a fictitious underground communication channel if the situation calls for it.

You will be capable of managing any debate and exchanging any necessary messages. No worries, the software also allows you to send and receive videos and pictures and emojis.

You’ll be able to customize the chatting partner’s profile by adding a bio, an avatar, and a username. You will also access fake call history and call lists within the app.

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8. Voice Changer 

Anybody can alter their voice with the help of this straightforward, cost-free app. The app includes a recorder that users may use to capture their own voice and then alter using one of the many available filters.

You may alter your voice’s pitch, volume, speed, and more with this app, giving it a more manly or womanly tone or even a robotic one.

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Despite its limited features, this app simplifies a lot of tasks. Share Sheet, Apple’s built-in mechanism for facilitating content sending to other platforms like iMessage and email, is included.

All of your recordings will be safely stored in the app, where you can easily retrieve them whenever you choose.

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9. Fake Chat Conversations

And now, we have come to Android software that allows you to mimic conversations in WhatsApp. This app’s icon replicates WhatsApp’s user interface, so no one will suspect your screenshots are fake.

Although this does restrict potential apps, most people already use WhatsApp in their daily lives. This app is designed to help you fool about with your friends without getting caught, and it does that quite well.

It gives you complete control over an imaginary conversation. The app also works with all types of media files, allowing you to enhance the realism of your conversations. Plus, it has complete emoji functionality, so there’s no need to stress.

Aside from changing the name, status, and profile picture, the app also allows you to modify the ACC of the person you are messaging. You can search for certain terms within the discussion using a fake search bar.

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10. whatspoof 

If you’re disappointed that the original app isn’t available for iOS, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a better option. This fake version of WhatsApp allows you to have boring conversations in the popular messenger and rate your friends.

The app gives you access to all arguments and perspectives, allowing you to create whatever narrative you like. You would never know it wasn’t the real thing because of how perfectly the user interface mimics the original.

The software includes a comprehensive media file asset, allowing users to share and receive videos, photos, and GIFs. And of course, emojis are supported, and you can even send huge emojis if you want to.

Remember that you can’t talk to each other through the app now. To customize the ACC of the person you speak with, you can change their profile picture, name, and status.

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