10 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iPhone / iPad (2024)

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You’ve undoubtedly copied and pasted text between apps on your iPhone more times than you care to admit. The in-app clipboard can be very useful, but it does have some limitations. First and foremost, it can only hold a single data value.

Fortunately, a variety of third-party clipboard apps can supplement the built-in functionality. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of the native iPhone clipboard and then discuss some excellent alternatives.

iPhone clipboard management applications can be very useful in this situation. Your collected clippings can be readily stored and accessed at a later time. In addition to being the best free clipboard managers for your devices, each supports the wonderful Universal Clipboard.

Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iPhone and iPad

To get around these restrictions and improve your experience, you can download a third-party clipboard manager app for the iPhone or iPad.

Given the limitations of Apple’s built-in iOS clipboard manager, I’ve compiled a list of the best third-party alternatives. It’s time to look at the submissions, so let’s not waste more time.

1. Paste

The paste is a top-tier iPhone clipboard organizer. Everything you copy is saved in the app for convenient access, whether text, images, links, files, or anything else.

Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily by scrolling through a visual history and checking out a preview. Intelligent filters also make it simple to look for specific content.

The standalone Mac program Paste for Mac is iCloud-compatible, so you can easily transfer information to your computer from anywhere. The fact that Paste works on both iOS and macOS make it a viable option for anyone who uses both platforms often.

2. Apple Clipboard Manager

As they describe it, Apple’s “Universal Clipboard” is compatible with iOS devices and Mac computers. That lets you quickly and easily transfer information between your iPhone and Macbook, such as a link or text.

The only downside is that only one item can be copied. You can forget about item 3 after you’ve copied it; it will be replaced immediately.

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Furthermore, the Universal Clipboard must be compatible with the Continuity baseline specifications. Developers saw a need and filled it with the iOS clipboard manager apps we’ll discuss below.

3. Clip+

There’s a neat function in Clip+. Clip+ can recognize a copied phone number and launch a call to that number immediately. If you have copied a web address, you can open it in your browser by clicking on the copied address.

This is a basic yet essential addition to the app. You can check the link without leaving the app if the link takes you to an image. Animated GIFs can be previewed as well.

Clippings can be accessed via a Today widget in the notification shade, but I prefer the dedicated keyboard shortcut. It is possible to rearrange items but not sort them in a list.

4. Copied

You may copy and paste anything from images and text to web addresses and videos into this app without worrying about losing it. You can copy and paste them anywhere you like from the clipboard.

The software includes a browser, so any information copied from the web can be stored immediately. With the app’s list functionality, there is no longer a limit on the number of clippings that can be saved.

You may customize the behavior, and your lists will automatically save certain types of clipboards. Drag them all into the action bar to perform a batch action on several clippings.

5. QuickClip

QuickClip is an easy-to-use and feature-free clipboard manager for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. You can get a place to save all of your cuttings for a buck

Save your clippings in custom folders for easy organization. Even though it would be nice if QuickClip could use macOS’s built-in integration, filters, and formatting, the program was never intended for such tasks.

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Users who required a clippings archive were the intended audience, period. If you want ad-free use of QuickClip, you may purchase it for $0.99. You will not find a free trial or version.

6. iPaste

While iPaste is a competent iPhone clipboard manager, it shines on the iPad. If you own an iPad and are looking for reliable clipboard software, give this one a shot.

One of iPaste’s greatest strengths is that it’s quite easy to carry around. Even though the interface is basic, it does what it’s supposed to and nothing else is thrown in to make things more difficult.

A split-screen option is available in iPaste for iPad, which is helpful for multitasking. The view provides a convenient means of transferring information between apps and the clipboard using drag and drop, whether using iPaste to store the information or another app requiring specific login credentials.

7. Copy Better

Many popular iOS clipboard manager apps have a lot of bells and whistles that can confuse new users. An improved version of the original clipboard manager program is great, but sometimes you need one that does the bare minimum well.

If this sounds like you, then perhaps Copy Better is the clipboard manager program you’ve been waiting for. The user interface of this software is on the simpler side, and its functions, while not vast, are sufficient for anyone looking to boost their productivity.

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With this program, you can import existing clippings from your computer, edit them, and make new ones. In addition, these snippets might be either graphics or standard or styled text.

8. SnipNotes

We start with a simple app, then go on to a clipboard manager with various options. This program is great if you like to organize your notes and clippings in a particular way.

This app is compatible with Apple’s various platforms. The Apple Watch and iPhone both support dictation, allowing you to dictate your notes. With the iPad’s split-screen capability, you may copy and paste notes from your clipboard between applications.

Accessing your bookmarks and notes won’t necessitate being online at all times. The software stores your notes locally, so you can access them without an internet connection whenever you need to.

9. Anybuffer

The purpose of a clipboard manager program is to maintain order in one’s clipboard. Anybuffer improves upon this function in several ways. You’ll never have to go through the heartache of losing data again, thanks to iCloud sync and the app’s preserving features.

As an added bonus, Smart Shelves allows you to classify your data for easy access. Aside from this, Anybuffer’s user interface is rather basic. While seemingly straightforward, this presents several challenges.

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Contextual Menus are the powerhouse behind the UI’s understated elegance. In addition, the Spotlight function makes it much easier to locate the desired clip!

10. Yoink

Yoink’s unusual name aside, the app’s primary selling point is its convenient drag-and-drop functionality. Other iOS clipboard manager apps offer this functionality but aren’t always as user-friendly as CopyTrans.

Yoink eliminates the need to switch between programs whenever you want to copy and paste a selection. Never feel alone when you have Yoink by your side. More than that, it works with any clipping you can imagine. It doesn’t matter what form the internet text, email, URL, video, or place takes.

Like I said before, Yoink is always prepared. You may easily store your clippings by dragging them onto the Yoink screen interface.