10 Best Plex Plugins That WORK in (July 2024)

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Plex offers remarkable support for a broad media collection, including movies, music, and television series. It allows you to stream video directly onto your TVs from a library stored on a standalone server or a personal computer that is functioning as a server.

The media player can do much more for you than just streaming material. It comes with plugins that can make the overall viewing experience even better for you. A Plex server needs to be set up using the official guide before you can proceed with the rest of the steps. Below we have listed the best Plex Plugins which you can try.

Best Plex Plugins in 2024

Many third-party plugins are available for Plex, but not all are useful. Don’t worry. We did all the research for you and compiled a list of the Best Plex Plugins.

1. Tautulli

Tautulli, formerly known as PlexPy, is a helpful Plex add-on for those who like to allow others access to their Plex library. It generates data on the shows you’ve seen on your Plex server.

Time and number of viewings are examples of such information. If you turn on alerts, everyone will be kept up to date on any changes or new content.

The data is laid down neatly in tables and graphs for easy consumption. To keep tabs on server activity, analyze statistics, and keep track of content, Tautilli is a great Plex plugin.

2. Webtools

Web-based features make managing your media files and the Plex server simple. It’s an assortment of Plex-related tools that can be used for various purposes.

Tools such as subtitle management, logging, and various management modules are included in the package.

The Plex server management tools provided by Web tools make running and maintaining your server simple. Moreover, the plugin allows you to host several applications and channels.

3. Kitana

Because Plex’s Plugin Directory was utilized by just a small percentage of users (less than 2%), its removal prompted the development of Kitana. Kitana makes it simple to add and maintain plugins for Plex.

You may install Kitana on a smartphone or other device and remotely manage your plugins, and it can even be used to control numerous Plex servers.

Kitana’s remote access features make it worthwhile to use a VPN to keep your data safe when you’re on the go.

4. Pandora

When it comes to online music services, many listeners gravitate toward Pandora. Even if you use a different music streaming service, the streaming radio options in Plex cannot compare to Pandora.

Plugins for Plex are available for both Google Music and Spotify. However, they are not officially sanctioned, and the hassle and expense involved in getting them up and running will put you off.

It comes pre-configured with all of Pandora’s best features, including personalized station recommendations and instant playback.

5. Trakt Scrobbler

The pace of life is quick. Too frequently, you have to stop watching your show of choice because something else more pressing comes up. It’s challenging enough to keep track of your place inside an episode, let alone across a whole season.

If you want to keep tabs on your viewing habits, Trakt Scrobbler can help you do that. There’s a star ranking system, and you can track what you’ve watched and where you are in the video.

Having numerous users on Trakt Scrobbler at once can make it difficult to track their progress, but connecting them to their own Trakt.tv profiles help solve this problem.

6. Plex Export

Plex Export is the next must-have addition to your Plex collection of plugins. This way, you can publish an HTML page that lists all of the resources available on your server.

Anyone you share the HTML page with won’t need access to your Plex server. Furthermore, thumbnails of all the media in each library’s sections can be viewed in a single place on the media display page.

You can sort the content in the gallery by many criteria, such as the genre, the actor, or the year it was released. To use Plex Export, your server must have PHP.

7. Plex-Sync

Another essential plugin for Plex servers is Plex-Sync. It will track when and where you’ve watched each episode of your favorite show or seen that new movie across all of your Plex servers.

Through the command line interface (CLI), Plex-sync may synchronize the playing status of media libraries with one another (Command Line Interface).

However, you can do it automatically if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of synchronizing content on other Plex servers.

8. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero, one of the best Plex plugins, allows you to easily generate subtitles for your collection of videos. Metadata Agent and Interface Plugin for Plex Media Server.

It checks through ten different APIs and websites before recommending a suitable subtitle provider and download location.

You’ll automatically be assigned the subtitle with the highest rating. The location where the Sub-Zero should keep the subtitles is also configurable.

9. Plex2Netflix

Curious as to how much of your collection may be found on Netflix? If you’re running out of space on your Plex server, removing media that can be located elsewhere may be necessary.

With Plex2Netflix, you can see what percentage of your collection may be streamed on Netflix. It also indicates the length of a program that can be viewed.

Since Netflix doesn’t always carry the entire series, it’s helpful to know how much of an episode you’ll need to download to watch the entire plot on both platforms.

10. Transmogrify

In a world where thousands of films look good on paper, making a personal selection may be daunting. Use Transmogrify to check out the server’s movies, TV series, and documentaries on RottenTomatoes and IMDb, along with user reviews and ratings.

Trailers for the movies you’re about to watch can also be added, and they will be downloaded from YouTube.

In addition, movie-related letterbox pages can be seen. The random movie/TV program selector plugin can help if you can’t decide what to watch.