10 Best Plant Identification Apps – Android / iOS (2024)

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Once you get the hang of it, plant identification apps are lots of fun. Have you ever found a gorgeous, mysterious plant and needed to learn everything you could about it? You’ll spend a lot of time looking for something online and finding nothing.

You can get instant relief with a few excellent plant identification apps. You may also use a plant identification app to introduce your kids to nature, sparking interest and giving them a deeper understanding of the plants in their immediate environment.

A lot of time and effort can be saved by using plant-identifying software. Quickly identify the species of plants you are looking at with just a picture or a few keystrokes of information. If you need to identify a plant quickly, check out this list of the best plant identification apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Plant Identification Apps For Android and iOS

1. LeafSnap Plant

The LeafSnap plant identification app was created by researchers at the Smithsonian Institution, the University of Maryland, and Columbia University. This app is unique from others in its field because it employs AI to make a definitive identification of the plant in question from a picture of its leaves.

Leafsnap is a free app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Although it’s simple to use, some customers complain that the app looks and feels dated. While it does have some drawbacks, LeafSnap is still a highly recommended free app for identifying plants on the iPhone.

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2. FlowerChecker

Regarding identifying plants, FlowerChecker isn’t like other apps; instead, it gives a one-of-a-kind price. Thus, FlowerChecker differs from other apps in that it charges for each successful identification rather than a flat monthly fee.

However, FlowerChecker doesn’t use a machine to make the determination. Rather, they have specialists look at the photos and determine what kind of plant it is.

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Unlike instantaneous apps, the negative is that it may take some time to receive an identity. On the other hand, according to FlowerChecker, almost half of all identifications are made within one hour.

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3. PictureThis

Picture This is an outstandingly complete tool for determining the species of plants. This app only takes a few seconds to identify plants, and you’ll get a plethora of information on how to take care of them.

It may seem like overkill to some, but for those who are serious about nurturing their garden, it’s a fantastic tool. It can tell if a plant is poisonous and issue a warning if it is.

Remember that if you want to use it often, you’ll need to pay for a subscription. As a result of its extensive information, avid gardeners will be pleased to do so.

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4. Seek by iNaturalist

Looking to make the process of naming plants more fun? That’s something that Seek does that reminds me a little of Pokemon Go. The various insects and pests in your garden might also be identified.

You’ll need to take pretty good photos to get the best results, but you’ll get badges and awards for your hard work.

The app would be perfect for identifying plants if it included more information about plants and emphasized gaming.

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5. PlantSnap Pro

This app’s primary function is to act as a “digital interface” between humans and the natural world by facilitating plant identification.

In its database, there are records of more than 500,000 cacti, flowers, decorative plants, succulents, and mushrooms. Its 150 million photos are just a click away.

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PlantSnap is also significant because it has been translated into 30 languages and uses artificial intelligence to identify plants.

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6. Plantix 

The aspiring plant farmer will find this software useful. Agricultural professionals can answer any questions you may have as you use them to diagnose and treat diseased plants.

As an added bonus, you can use the included fertilizer calculator and learn about the latest in sustainable agricultural techniques. Plantix, dubbed “your crop doctor,” analyses images taken of crops in a matter of seconds to identify pests and illnesses.

It gives you the best way to treat your plants because it works with 30 main crops and can find more than 400 problems.

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7. NatureID

NatureID is a great app for Android and iOS that lets you find out what kind of plant you are looking at. To provide you with the required data, NatureID analyses photographs of your plants.

As NatureID’s bread and butter, the function allows users to get the quickest diagnosis and solution to ensure your plant’s speedy recovery.

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It’s a complete, useful mobile app for budding gardeners and nutritionists, and you can even use it to diagnose different kinds of plants and vegetables.

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8. iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a free website and mobile app that enables users to capture observations of plants in the wild, share their observations with others, and contribute to a global database of biodiversity data used for research and conservation efforts.

This app has about 300,000 different kinds of plants and animals. Once you’ve uploaded your observations. The iNaturalist community will work together to fine-tune and confirm the identifications suggested by the iNaturalist AI.

The combined knowledge of the group can lead to useful suggestions from other nature lovers and experts.

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9. Google Lens

Google Lens can help you identify plants, trees, flowers, and animals. You can also use the app’s camera to translate text in real time. Just hold the text you want to translate to the app’s camera, and it will translate it immediately.

The lens is beautiful and works well on Android phones, which is exactly what you would expect from Google software. This app might not be as good at identifying plants as the others we’ve looked at today, but it’s still worth trying.

Google Lens’s adaptability and extensive plant database are why it’s so popular among its intended audience.

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10. PlantNet Plant

The PlantNet software for iOS and Android is fantastic for individual use. This app calls itself a “citizen science project,” allowing you to collaborate with others by joining groups, sharing your data, and viewing theirs.

This free site helps recognize local species and view what other people have discovered in your area.

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